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Living Leisure MM2H

Living Leisure MM2H

Living Leisure MM2H Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary wholly owned by Big Propel Sdn Bhd. Living Leisure established in Malaysia since 2014, having over 6 years experience specialising in handling MM2H applications, we have helped many foreigners to gain insights and discovering opportunity in Malaysia.

We are a professional, passionate, proactive MM2H Licensed agency, that helps you to get a pass to Malaysia. During the MM2H application From PRE to POST (apx 6 months), we are dedicated to work closely with you. On top of MM2H application, we will support you with other service like setting up business, apply business license, domestic travel, property, insurance, etc. Rest assured that we are your number 1 personal MM2H companion.

KPK/LN: MM2H 0082 DM us for INFO PACK!

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Value Added Services

  1. Business Advisory
  2. We provide advisory & consulting services relating to starting up business, operating business, and investing in Malaysia.

  3. Property Consultant
  4. We have a professional and experienced team, specialising in real estate sectors. If you are looking for property investment, you can reach out to us for assistance.

  5. Tourism
  6. Get to know Malaysia by going through an interesting & fun way, that is, travelling! We can provide you with advices & packages like Top attractions in Malaysia, Top must eat food in Malaysia, Top favourite shopping spots in Malaysia. Besides, we assist you to apply for visa as well.

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