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Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Big Propel Sdn Bhd aims to build up an omni-directional investment management platform, including venture capital, private equity, M&A and etc. Currently focus on B2B Trade & Enterprise services, Entertainment/e-commerce/Mobile Internet.

In Malaysia, we invest in start-ups at seed, Series A and Series B stages. We evaluate the project teams and their technologies primarily on their merit for the Malaysia market, but also evaluate their potential for successfully entering the China market in due time. In such cases we strive to become the best "go to China market" partner for our start-ups, while in the meantime transferring our rich collective learnings from our Southeast Aisa & China portfolio into our Malaysia practice.

Our Focus Areas

  1. F&B/Entertainment
  2. Health/Education
  3. Mobile Internet

You have creative ideas and looking for funding? Talk to us

Information needed in your proposal

  1. Your company name and license number
  2. Person in charge and team members background (roles & responsibilities)
  3. The advantage of your company or project compare to others
  4. Your current financial situation
  5. Next 5 – 10 years business plan
  6. Your company or project marker proposition, pricing etc
  7. Market analysis
  8. Your Company or project SWOT analysis
  9. Your business philosophy
  10. Your target market
  11. Term and condition

Email your business plan: bp@www.zwwuu.com